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And true war approaches!  
10:07am 21/05/2007
We shall have glorious battle with you, O unworthy Terra, and vanquish both you and your Bremeni allies completely and utterly, as only mutated purple slime may be vanquished.

Tremble before our coming might.
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Purple scum of the galaxy!  
05:33pm 16/07/2006
Fear greatly, O people of Terra, fear the coming domination of the Coriolan Imperium!

Our official representatives have so far refused to create a presence on the Terran "Internet" - arguing that war is not yet inevitable - but we, the Voice of Coriolus, know better than that. And since a channel of communication is an absolutely essential first step to any war - as everyone knows, no war can be conducted properly without the continual transmission of insults to strike awe into the hearts of our foes! - we hereby create one...in English, no less; more points to us for using a language of your species in this fearful artistic endeavour!

N.B. The Voice of Coriolus is offended by the "Prove you're a human" requirement of LiveJournal in the journal setup process - though we suppose it is no more than is to be expected from such an uncivilized purple species. We wish to state unequivocally that we are not human. Nor purple.
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